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Beaver Dam Mud Runners - The 4WD Of Outboards!

Long Tail Mud Motor Kits

Beaver Dam Mud Runners mud motor kits are easy to assemble and can be built in less than two hours without welding. Our kits provide all the parts you need! Anybody can do it! Learn more about our Beaver Dam Mud Runners Mud Motor Kits.

Purchase a 3HP to 24 HP horizontal lawn mower engine

Our Long Tail Motors range from $600 to $1500. Our 6.5HP Long Tail will push a typical 14ft Jon boat 10 - 15mph. The 13HP Long Tail will push a typical 16ft Jon boat 10 - 16mph. And the 22HP Long Tail will push a typical 16ft Jon boat 20 - 25mph. For more detailed pricing check out our Motors.

Any lawn mower mechanic can fix your engine

Beaver Dam Mud Runners mud motors and motor kits help you avoid expensive outboard repairs and parts.

* Many of our applications have been certified by Honda.

About Robert Milner and the History of Mud Motors

Having grown up in a family of hunters, I caught the duck hunting "bug" at an early age. Since my father is a gun dog trainer, I didn't have much of a choice! I grew up at the Wildrose Kennels that my dad founded, owned for 23 years and made famous. He now owns the Duckhill Kennels in Somerville, TN. My father introduced me to duck hunting at the legendary Beaver Dam Lake in Tunica, MS. I was very fortunate to be able to put together a group of duck hunters to purchase a small section of Beaver Dam Lake in 2012. We have a small private club called the Nash Buckingham Rod and Gun Club. It was a very dry year and the lake was very low. I wanted to buy an inexpensive shallow water motor for a small boat but was having a hard time finding one. This Quest led to the founding of Beaver Dam Mud Runners.


Why Honda?

Honda's hardly ever break but any lawn mower mechanic can work on a horizontal Honda Motor. Everything attached to the Honda is fairly simply made and parts are easy to replace and very inexpensive. Parts are a fraction of the cost of other mud motors. For example, our props start at $10 a piece.


Why CLP Long Tail?

When you have a spinning prop, you have to have a failure point to absorb the shock caused by hitting hard objects. If you use a very hard stainless steel prop, you increase your chances of bending your shaft. Our props are a fraction of the cost of a stainless prop.